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March 15 2015

You return when you feel like it, like rain. And like rain you are tender.
— Linda Gregg, from “Kept Burning and Distant,” The Best American Erotic Poems: From 1800 to the Present
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February 28 2015


January 16 2015

I love it when it all goes flat, and leaves and clouds 
are instances of one idea— 
for such is night, I think, 
while day is how far 
one must go 

to connect parts.
— Jorie Graham, from Erosion
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November 22 2014


— Paintings by Graham Gercken
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October 04 2014

— Karis the lion cub playing in leaves (Photo credit: AP Photo/PA, Andrew Milligan)
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September 27 2014

I mourn 
the flower
I could have been
had my roots
never been uprooted.
— Foreigner, Pavana पवन
There is no poetry
in loving someone
who is in love with
someone else.

There are no words
to describe the pain
in knowing that I am 
like the dirt who gives
shelter to your roots,
when you are like the tree 
who shakes in the wind.
— Pavana पवन
I believe pain breeds wolves 
and joys give rise to moons. 

We grow forests in our bones
so our memories can’t find us. 

I believe we hide and haunt ourselves.
— Pavana पवन
You are like the tree
whose magnificence
lies not in the length 
of it’s branches,
but in all the birds who 
trust those branches
to build their homes.
— Pavana पवन

September 23 2014


September 17 2014

wszystko przemija.
wspomnienia pozostają.
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September 05 2014

— Photography by Laina Briedis

June 09 2014


— “ Real sunsets might be beautiful but they turn into dark, uncertain nights. ”
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June 05 2014

Vanscapes by alison turner
Vanscapes by alison turner
Vanscapes by alison turner
Vanscapes by alison turner
Vanscapes by alison turner
Vanscapes by alison turner
Vanscapes by alison turner
Vanscapes by alison turner
Vanscapes by alison turner
— Never get out of the car, Vanscapes by Alison Turner
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May 14 2014


May 11 2014


— Hexachromes, 2006 by James Welling
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April 30 2014


April 22 2014

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