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April 03 2015

Awakened from a dream, I curl up
and turn. The roses on the dresser
smile and your words bloom.
The red roses for Valentine’s Day.

Like in a film
thoughts of you unfold
moment by moment.
I vaguely hear
the sound of your spoon scooping cereal
the water stream in the shower
the buzzing noise of your electric razor
like a singing of cicada.

Your footsteps in and out of the bedroom.
Your lips touching my cheek lightly.
And the sound of the door shutting.

In your light
I fall asleep again under the warm quilt
happily like a child.

Upon waking
on the kitchen counter I find a half
grapefruit carefully cut and sectioned.
Such a loving touch is a milestone
for my newly found happiness.
— Chungmi Kim, “Being in Love”
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February 05 2015


January 12 2015

…Everyone tries to make his life a work of art. We want love to last and we know that it does not last; even if, by some miracle, it were to last a whole lifetime, it would still be incomplete. Perhaps, in this insatiable need for perpetuation, we should better understand human suffering, if we knew that it was eternal. It appears that great minds are, sometimes, less horrified by suffering than by the fact that it does not endure. In default of inexhaustible happiness, eternal suffering would at least give us a destiny. But we do not even have that consolation, and our worst agonies come to an end one day. One morning, after many dark nights of despair, an irrepressible longing to live will announce to us the fact that all is finished and that suffering has no more meaning than happiness.
— Albert Camus, The Rebel: An Essay on Man in Revolt

November 22 2014

And I began to let him go. Hour by hour. Days into months. It was a physical sensation, like letting out the string of a kite. Except that the string was coming from my center.
— Augusten Burroughs, You Better Not Cry
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November 17 2014

I am no stranger to love and I am not waiting for you, because I believe we will be reborn, because I believe everything, and I believe that we will meet again and suffer together again.
— Richard Siken

November 03 2014

If there is any substitute for love, it is memory.
— Joseph Brodsky
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October 27 2014

The person you were when you were with them is gone just as surely as they are.
This is what you should know about losing somebody you love. They do not travel alone. You go with them.
— Augusten Burroughs, This Is How
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October 23 2014

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October 20 2014


Don’t ask me about his lips. How they ruby and burn. Stretch full over white teeth, taut like a drum. I want him to make music of me.

Don’t ask me about his hands. The way they are scarred with stories. How they slide thick down his legs as I stare. Mouth cotton; eyes hungry.

Don’t ask me about my hunger. The way my stomach drops tight when he looks at me. The way my palms itch for his bones. Don’t ask me about my fear. The way he comes to me.

How I open my mouth to say “Yes” and it comes out “I’m sorry.”

— His Lips, Clementine von Radics
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Actually we both write the same things all the time. Now I ask you if you are depressed, then you write about it, now I want to die, then you, now I want to cry in front of you like a little boy, and then you in front of me like a little girl. And once and ten times and a thousand times and all the time I want to be with you and you say the same.
— Franz Kafka, Letters To Milena
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Let me come in and suck your life and sorrow from you as leech sucks blood; let me gorge myself on your sensations and ideas and dreams; let me crawl inside your guts and your cranium and live like a tapeworm for a while, draining your life substance into myself…
— Sylvia Plath
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you're in a room with cello hands
and the boy who used to say your name like
hello, even when he was saying
goodbye. you're in a room with the boy
who once said he would never forget you,
and you can't remember
who you were when he said it, but you know
you were softer. smaller. had collarbones
like silver spoons, and you were light. so
you're in this room, and maybe
you really loved him, or maybe you could
have loved him for a long time if
things were different, but they're
not, and you're sad. but here he is and here
you are and after all that time, him with
his crooked canoe eyes, you
with your question mark mouth. maybe you're in love
with other people. maybe you've lost
some pieces. maybe you've found some, either way,
you're different. his haircut. your new
tattoo. you're in a room with the boy who taught you
trembling, and you're not trembling
now, but you see him and he sees you, and you know
somewhere inside of you is a girl
and a boy sleeping in your chest cavity,
and no one ever has to leave and no one ever does. your
smiles catch the light and reflect off the walls
of this room, spiderwebs of lost things. and you're happy
and you're sad because he might always
remind you of cellos and canoes and night. but
you don't ache for him anymore. you can finally translate
letting go into a language your hands understand.
— "maybe this finally means goodbye" - e.a. (after richard siken)
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October 19 2014

The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.
— Auguste Rodin
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October 18 2014


“Rien à craindre. J’ai touché le fond. Je ne peux tomber plus loin que ton coeur.

Nothing to fear. I have hit bottom. I cannot fall further than your heart.
—  Marguerite Yourcenar, Feux
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October 14 2014

To hold our tongues when everyone is gossiping, to smile without hostility at people and institutions, to compensate for the shortage of love in the world with more love in small, private matters; to be more faithful in our work, to show greater patience, to forgo the cheap revenge obtainable from mockery and criticism: all these are things we can do.
— Hermann Hesse
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October 04 2014

This is a subtle truth: whatever you love, you are.
— Rumi
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And the aura of you remains, remains, remains…
— Anne Sexton, from A Self-portrait in Letters

October 01 2014

memories, fears, 
passions form labyrinths in which 
we lose and find and 
then lose ourselves again.
— Bernhard Schlink, from The Reader
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September 27 2014

In your absence
I learned to love you 
in all the ways I failed 
while you were still here.
— Pavana पवन
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